Coral Domes

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia has had two years of unprecedented coral growth recently. Left for dead by the Al Gore’s of the world, those little ocean buggers keep molding billions upon billions of spheres in a cementitious secretion to form one of the world’s largest ecosystems. I’m not too proud to copy their business plan :). Coral Domes are born from simplicity, and highlight how Mother Nature constructs her kingdom.

Building off our success in the tropics with ferrocement domes, we have graduated to using an insulative masonry material known as Air-Crete. Air-Crete is just like coral in that quadrillions of spherical, micro caves are the substrate to calcium-based binder. Our buildings are Hemispheres (domes) that utilize dynamic tension within the cement for incredible strength.

We focus on Domes because they have extremely low energy input over their life cycle. Cooling or heating a bubble takes 20% the energy that a comparable cube (modern home) would need. Less vertices equals more flow, giving our domes a highly energized feel. We can impregnate the walls with BioChar to make the buildings resilient to EMF’s, while doubling as a fire retardant.

Floor plans for these structures can be scaled in any direction, from a tornado shelter to an Amphitheater. We can hybridize our buildings with containers, or go all natural with Cobb* interior walls. Thermal Mass Heaters can warm the structure while giving you your hot water supply. We adopt the permaculture way of “stacking functions” to be efficient and economical. Best of all, Coral Domes feel wonderful to be in. Humans just fit better in curvy structures

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