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TopherHq is the clearing house for all the curiosities and experiments that Chris’Topher’ Gardner has given his attention to. Philosophy and innovation are the primary drivers that populate this site’s content. Having over 20 years of professional experience with massage, coaching, construction, architecture, and inventing has led to a phenomenonolgy that is both unique and grounded.

There is truly, ‘Never a Dull Moment’ once you enter these walls……primarily because our walls are curved:).

BioCharisma Podcast

Health from the Ground Up

The BioCharisma Podcast is an exploration of resilience with entrepreneurs. Having the courage to step outside the box and forge a beneficial direction is the epicenter of these conversations. Our banter is grounded in reality while having the levity of inspiration. Come listen to these extraordinary individuals.

Teco Dome

TECO Dome is short for Tropical ECO Dome. It’s also a play on the phrase used in Costa Rica for the indigenous that live there which are called ‘Tico’s.” This venture in central America started in April of 2018.  My vision was unify two distinctly different types of dome construction into a hybrid structure that’s appropriate for the tropics. Costa Rica has more than 400 earhtquakes a year, on average, and terrential rains that make the overall ground super soft. I thought bringing a dome home to market that was suited for the tropics with all it’s shaking and raining was a good idea. 

Coral Domes

Coral Domes are buildings that incorporate Mother Nature’s affinity for curves. These hemispheres, domes, have the backbone of a steel Mandala and are covered by an innovative material known as AirCrete. AirCrete is concrete that uses micro cavuels for it’s strength.  Billions of little empty spheres impregnate the wall/roof medium for impressive mechanical qualities while supplying wonderful insulation. 

Body Work

After college I dove into the deep end of the ‘alternative’ healing world. My mentors were Kinesiologists, Chiropractors, Raja Yogi’s and deep tissue massage therapists. Getting out of the rigor mortis of my specialized movement took a whole Pit Crew of professionals.  I naturally gravitated towards those modalities as my profession because I had received such a benefit from them.

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