Body Work

Our bodies are living tuning forks that constantly ring at the same frequency as our environment. Just like a musical instrument, we need to be tuned when we pick up and hold a discordant pattern. Body work is a signaling system that reminds the body and bio-electric field of it’s healthy harmonic. I have been trained how to manipulate the nervous system to find it’s highest octave of expression.

I come from a family where massage was normal and frequent. My parents both had highly stressful jobs, and would consistently ask for a neck squeeze or to have their backs walked on. For me, body work is essential and natural, as it has always been in my consciousness. I would peer at my father’s hands in amazement for what they could do, and now I have those hands.

Over the last 23 years I have professionally worked on all types of people, including world class gymnasts, pro athletes, shamans and all types of healers. Getting informed feed back has accelerated my learning curve because I’ve essentially been in continuing education class with these sensitive peers. I’ve been blessed to be the grounding rod for people during their integration phase of ceremonial work. The heightened awareness of these times moved me in the direction of the modality known as Polarity Therapy.

Polarity Therapy follows the yin(negative = inward) and yang(positive = outward) electrical currents that our bodies pulsate. Whether there’s too much or too little charge, our circuit finds the harmony as the ground holds neutral. Adjusting muscle fascia as to release the memory of trauma is incorporated so the Piezoelectric capacity of our skeletal system is invoked. When our ‘Body Electric’ is coherent, life becomes more enjoyable.

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