"YURCH BUILDERS UNITE" WITH MARTY LEEDS| BioCharisma Podcast S2 Episode 30

I had to bring Brother Marty Leeds over to my renovated office so he could clarify the name of his ministry, Gnostic Church & Academy of Lord Jesus Christ. If that name doesn’t offend you, then you are that one sheep that left the flock of a hundred. That title alone tells you exactly of the type of man Marty Leeds is: fearless. Brother Marty has been bridging Christianity and Mysticism with mathematics and Hermetics for close to twenty years in a very unapologetic way. The transubstantiation(might be the biggest word ever) of the soul is the whole point of life, and I find Marty’s current work to be bar-none in revealing the mythos of the Great Book. If some of you are into the luminaries, his “Scripture in the Stars” is one of the best Astrotheological books ever written.


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