""Syntropy" w/ Eileen McKusick| BioCharisma Podcast S2 Episode 28

Eileen McKusick joins the BioCharisma Podcast to discuss vibrational healing and its more subtle implications. Her system of “biofield tuning” has helped thousands of people world-wide by harmonizing their greater electrical body so that it’s in concert with the environment. We have all experienced being around someone who seems cursed or who is “carrying the weight of the world” on their shoulders. More than likely, they have a disruptive pattern that is lodged in their BioField anatomy. In my work as a Polarity therapist, we induce movement of these patterns by exhibiting the opposite charge so that the disruption can find “ground,” so needless to say I can speak her language. I couldn’t help but go Meta when talking about BioField Tuning at a distance. Book a session with her or one of her cohorts if you’re into good vibrations.


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