"Lazarus Revelation" w/ Professor Longo | BioCharisma Podcast S2 Episode 26

Professor Longo joins us this week to give context to the Eastern Roman Empire, which shouldn’t be confused with the Western Roman that collapsed circa 500 A.D. There was a thriving, vibrant culture that embraced the more Mystical components of the Christian Mythos that was excluded from history by a bottlenecking Catholic influence.

This Eastern Christian tradition programmed their message in the ‘Language of the Birds,’ Architecture, Art, Music and Drama. We get into where the Alchemist had their hub of experimentation and the process of Apophatic learning. This interview, along with the next three, will paint the picture of how the learned hid in plain sight while the inquisitors obliterated the private pursuit of Christ. Check out Professor Longo @thedancing_elephant on Instagram.


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