"Doctrine of Signatures" w/ Kyle Denton | BioCharisma Podcast S2 Episode 24

This week, Kyle Denton of Tippie Canoe Herbs is on the BioCharisma Podcast to usher in a depth of observation that only a true lover of plants could. He’s an herbalist with an Ayurvedic backbone. So, the fundamentals of the elemental energies, fire, water, air and earth, add an Octave to his wholistic practice. This last year I listened to his Astro Herbalism series with Chance Garton and wanted to have him ruminate with me over light cycles, plant medicines, and what role we play to the plants that surround us. Kyle is such a pleasure to listen to; as you can tell, he really loves his work and takes the requisite time just to BE with nature. This pod is a nice primer for the explorations into the relationship between time and light that’s soon to be explored with my future guests.

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