"Rat Utopia" w/ Allegedly Dave | BioCharisma Podcast S2 Episode 21

Early 2015, I was lost at sea when the Flat Earth Cosmology entered my consciousness. All the great researchers who were broadening my flat horizon were coalesced with the calm, logical presence of Allegedly Dave, our guest on this week’s Pod. One of his fans had made an English-dubbed version of his interview done in some Eastern European country that was so professional and thorough that I found it to be irrefutable.
I have devoured the entirety of Allegedly Dave’s corpus. Urine Therapy, Flat Earth, Black Israelites, Paleo Hebrew(Phonecian), Over Unity Devices and Domes barely touch the breadth and width of his studies. Dave is a true renaissance man and our conversation reflects his most current cosmology, which centers on the “Book of Remembrance,” a.k.a The Old Testament. We dive into the three headed eagle prophecy, and what the latest Eclipse Cycle over the United States for bodes. 


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