'Regional Archiving(RA)' w/ Analog | BioCharisma Podcast S2 Episode 4

My grand pappy told me when I was a little one to always grab a newspaper when I got to a new town and read it at a local diner from front to back. His rational was that I would get the tone & tenor of the new area and I would be able to adapt to the local customs. After traveling the world I can say that his advice was invaluable. Enter The Archivist, on YouTube, aka Analog. This man has been scouring old, regional newspapers through digital archives to extract a pre-Rockefeller schooling taste of Americana. This interview is the first of many where you will get to know the motivations behind Analog’s(Ben’s) research. In subsequent interviews we will dive into the fresh water springs filled with Radium(RA) and theorize as to why many of these natural hot spots disappeared from the average vacationers mind.


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Thanks to Drew LaPlante for the excellent intro and outro music!

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